Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Junkin' on Main

The fleas are hoppin on Main Street! Everyone is getting ready for our monthly Junkin on Main sale! The tent gypsies will be there with their lovely creations, and there are lots of sales going on inside the flea market The weather is going to be gorgeous, so make plans to come and see us this Friday &  (and after you vote) Saturday 9am-4pm.

Mrs. Arlene brought these wooden chicken crates up the other day--would they make a fun end table?
and look at these gorgeous mums--I can't wait until they BLOOM!
Speaking of blooming--have you all noticed the spider lillies are out? That means 6 weeks until winter! Better shake the spiders out your sweaters people--you're gonna need 'em soon! 

Happy Junkin
Miz Tina & Company

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  1. Truly blessed to part of this blog with my bows and children apparel. Thanks Carla, your photos are bright and brilliant. You did a great job featuring each one of us. Thank you all so very much, Pat Robinson/Tricia Creations and now Tricia Creations has gone Absolutely Sassy.