Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rust, Roses & Road Trips

Miz Tina and Mr Reggie recently went on a road trip to see their son Charlie in Kentucky. They took their treasure huntin' wagon with them and loaded it to the gills with all kinds of new stuff for the flea market (You won't want to miss Junkin' on Main next weekend (Friday May 6th and Saturday May 7th 9:30-4:ish)! Trust me when I tell ya there are some things in this trailer you are going to want :D  Miz Carla don't lie.

Speaking of Junkin' on might have noticed that the blog name has changed. We thought it would be easier to have everything under the same name. You can find the flea market's fan page on facebook here 

Woo hoo! Cool new stuff!
Now for the Rust and Roses part I mentioned in the title of this post....Check out this beauty!

Isn't she beautiful? 

Have a beautiful & blessed Sunday
Miz Tina and Company

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a gorgeous day today

and I've got some bragging on Miz Tina  to do. She's been working her magic on just about everything that crosses her path this past week.

Look at this BEAUTIFUL ruffled tote bag she made
and her ADORABLE new sign!

I saved the best for last because it has a cute story to go with it. When Tina finished working on this display she snapped a photo of it with her cell phone and beamed it over in a text message asking me what I thought.
I told her "You know that bed is going to sell tomorrow right?" 
"I hope so!" she says.
So, I get to the flea market the next day as early as my non-morning-person-self can manage to get there...
walk in to take photos of the bed for her blog and she tells me...."the bed is sold!"  The cute thing
is  that her Mama is the one who snapped it up. I *LOVE* this family!! They are too cute how they are always trading stuff back and forth--it's hilarious.

It looked so pretty in front of the windows with the pretty chandy hanging above it. 

** I also want to add that Miz Tina is going to start opening on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays soon** If you want to know for sure if the fleahouse will be open she always posts about it on her junkin' on main facebook page. If you click on this link it'll take you directly to it.

HaPPY Good Friday Everyone and have a Blessed Easter!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Miz Carla here to update you all on the going-on at the flea house. I popped in this morning to see our lovely flea market maven and she was in fine form to say the least! She's still "buzzin" from the success of last weekend. She said she had a wonderful time and was thrilled too meet up with so many of her peeps in Washington. She pretty much sold every thing we had in the shop and had to go Junkin herself to fill up a few empty spots. As always she had lots of cute new displays there were lots of new things to see and you KNOW I took some photos to show you  (big grin!) I love showing this gal off---she's such a talented stylist!

Miz Tina is planning on having one more Junkin' on main event before the weather gets too hot. At this time it looks like it'll be the first weekend of May.

Also we have new vendors!! It's so exciting when new people move in!!

Have a Wonderful Sunday!