Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sweet Summer Time

the heat is on in Louisiana and we're feeling it on Main Street in Glenmora! We're drooping like wilted roses and are praying for rain, but so far we've only had a few tee tiny showers here and there. Even though it's hot we LOVE this time of year! The extra daylight, the cooking outdoors, the vacations, family reunions, pool parties---it's all good!

Tina must be in the same frame of mind because several of her displays around the flea market just scream  S U M M E R T I M  E  to me.

 Don't forget your sun hat!

 Family Gatherings
 Independence Day
 The Garden
and Picnics
I think I can speak for all of the ladies in town when I say I wish we could
get away with wearing nothing but a slip :D heehee! Think how nice and cool we'd be!

and this guy...he's adorable now, but imagine how cute he would be painted white and used to serve brunch or ice cream sundaes on the patio! Someone will snatch him up in a hurry, so if he's calling your name come get him soon!

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