Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For the love of all things girlie

Hello Friends!

Yesterday I popped into Miz Tina's for a quick visit and mini photo shoot. I brought along two little cuties/ shopping experts and thought it would be fun to follow them around and "shoot" what caught their fancy.

After quick hellos they made a beeline for Miss Kelly's booth (one of their faves)
Then they headed into Samantha's...
Chloe has a "thing" for figurines... naturally these pretties caught her eye!
and Abbie has a "thing" for hats, so of course they had to try these lovlies on.
Meanwhile, I was looking UP and saw...
Chairs on old barn wood walls! 

There are lots of plans for changing/rearranging things in the near future--Miz Pat will be bringing new hairbows, a new vendor is moving in, Emily is steady bringing in great pieces of furniture as she prepares for a move (and she still has 40% off of everything) , and I (Miz Carla) am chin deep in Halloween creations.

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