Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Junkin' on Main

The fleas are hoppin on Main Street! Everyone is getting ready for our monthly Junkin on Main sale! The tent gypsies will be there with their lovely creations, and there are lots of sales going on inside the flea market The weather is going to be gorgeous, so make plans to come and see us this Friday &  (and after you vote) Saturday 9am-4pm.

Mrs. Arlene brought these wooden chicken crates up the other day--would they make a fun end table?
and look at these gorgeous mums--I can't wait until they BLOOM!
Speaking of blooming--have you all noticed the spider lillies are out? That means 6 weeks until winter! Better shake the spiders out your sweaters people--you're gonna need 'em soon! 

Happy Junkin
Miz Tina & Company

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Arlene!!

There's a new vendor in the flea house--Welcome Arlene Johnson!!! Miz Arlene makes the most incredible sock monkeys, and lucky for all of us there are several to see up close and personal in her new space...just look for the big Monkey Business sign!

Miz Tina completely re-did her space and it looks F A B U L O U S!
The candle lady has a fun new spot--and it smells heavenly!
Miz Emily brought lots of new stuff, like her hammered aluminum collection that she's parting with
We even have pretty vintage things parked out front, but sorry this one isn't for sale :D 
The flea market will be open tomorrow (Saturday 9/25/10) come see us!!

PS: This is Ella...our flea house mascot. Cute huh?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For the love of all things girlie

Hello Friends!

Yesterday I popped into Miz Tina's for a quick visit and mini photo shoot. I brought along two little cuties/ shopping experts and thought it would be fun to follow them around and "shoot" what caught their fancy.

After quick hellos they made a beeline for Miss Kelly's booth (one of their faves)
Then they headed into Samantha's...
Chloe has a "thing" for figurines... naturally these pretties caught her eye!
and Abbie has a "thing" for hats, so of course they had to try these lovlies on.
Meanwhile, I was looking UP and saw...
Chairs on old barn wood walls! 

There are lots of plans for changing/rearranging things in the near future--Miz Pat will be bringing new hairbows, a new vendor is moving in, Emily is steady bringing in great pieces of furniture as she prepares for a move (and she still has 40% off of everything) , and I (Miz Carla) am chin deep in Halloween creations.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall...Where for art thou lovely fall?

That's a silly question I like to ask even though I KNOW  it's not time for fall in Louisiana just yet. We must first survive September (the peak of hurricane season), before we can greet our beloved Autumn season face-to-face. It'll come, it just comes a little later around here, and we're ok with that--really we are. 

We laugh around Halloween time because we never know if we should buy those cute little furry monster halloween costumes that will keep the children warm on Halloween night, or if we should send them out as nekkid as the law will allow (covered in OFF of course) to keep them from melting. 

Let us all partake of a little virtual Autumn as we look at photos of fall colored pretties taken around the flea house recently                  

Doesn't that put you in the mood? Here's a small list of things we'll be giving Praise 
to Jesus for soon!!!
  • The urge to get outside and clean up the yard!
  • The urge to go outside AT ALL!
  • The poundage we'll lose from getting up and going outside!
  • Light sweaters
  • Longer nights
  • Cozy fires
  • The smell of burning leaves
  • Sweat pants (aahhh thank you Lord, thank you for comfy sweats!) I can't wait to put mine on!
  • Gumbo and Chili
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Open windows
  • Outdoor flea market/sale events!
  • and for the men....FOOTBALL!!

Thanks for visiting--come back and see us soon!