Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting things back to normal

or at least our version of "Normal". Had a great time at the Trade Days in Washington, LA last weekend. Many thanks to everyone who came out to shop with us. We truly loved meeting and visiting with all of you and look forward to having you visit us at the flea house!  Speaking of the flea house--Miz Tina has been busy spreading things around--she's going to have to go junkin to bulk up her inventory (wink!) Just kidding, there is still plenty of  great stuff to buy.....

Adorable foot stool!
Beautiful iron bed and wicker mirror!
Need a cozy fireplace?
It's not always about the white with us--we love black furniture too!
A new "look" for the front window.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun in the sun in Washington

try saying that three times fast. The flea market girls have been enjoying the Lord's brightest blessings this weekend. Lots of sunshine, smiles and sales!! Here are a few photos taken around their booths on Friday afternoon.

Shop with us and get loads of smiles for FREE!!
Let us not ever forget to give our Thanks to the Good Lord above!
Tea anyone?
How about some lacy drawers?
Love this suitcase full o' pretty done up by Miz Julia!
Artfully arranged.
Miz Tina's outdoor vignette--so pretty!
Pretty little dresser!
Wow--what a looker you are! 
Julia's new friend.

Sweet dreams to all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The flea market Maven's wagon is loaded up

and first thing tomorrow morning she'll be headed out to join her fellow gypsies on the lawn of the beautiful old schoolhouse in Washington, LA. I snapped a few photos of the trailer and had to giggle at how much stuff she managed to stuff into it.

back view
front view--I don't think anything else could possibly fit in there Miz Tina
ha ha! I was wrong--she managed to stuff that wreath in :D
This gal knows how to pack! The next time I have to move--I'm *so* calling her to supervise the loading.

It's going to be a beautiful weekend, so try to make plans to visit the trade days in Washington this weekend. The sale starts on Friday Morning and runs through Sunday afternoon. Look for Tina and her band of tent gypsies smack dab in the center of all the action.

Happy Junkin' to all!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miz Carla's review of October's Junkin' on Main

I have to giggle when I think about everything I saw and heard this weekend. I'll share some of that a little later, but for now let me show you some of the photos I snapped.

I got Miz Tina's windows "Halloweenized" a bit. I always say windows as in more than one (and there is more than one), but for some reason I never "do up" the other one. That's pretty dumb huh? I'll make a point to remember the other window when we pretty it up for Christmas.

I was a lazy girl and didn't bother with my tent, so I traveled light and set-up on the sidewalk. There's that poor ignored window behind my table.  I must've been in a hurry--look at that table cloth all wadded up and not straight...tacky tacky!

A few junkie treasures placed outside. Lots of these things found new homes.

Open for business---come on in!

In addition to her lovely dresses & Bows Miss Pat has added some super cute monogrammed items to her line. How cute are these little who dat? jeans and overalls?
Miz Jayneann was there with her pretty jewels

Cutie Patootie Miz Arlene was there too, but unfortunately her tent was always full of people and I wasn't
able to get a good picture of it.
and here's the always fun  & lovely JuJu
and last but certainly not least... the lovely Miss Samantha was there with all of her pretty
Fleur di Lis stuff.

and look at these adorable wreaths Samantha's friend Katie made 
Many thanks to all of you who came to shop with us, and those who came to visit. 
We appreciate each and everyone of you!

Next weekend Tina and Company will be in Washington, LA for the bi-annual trade days sale. 

Happy Junkin' to all!