Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Visit to Miss Samantha's Booth

Samantha has some new pretties in her booth at the flea market that you must come and see! Football season is upon us--so show our SUPER BOWL CHAMPS some LUV with a little fleur di lis bling like this...

I have one of these hanging on my rear view mirror and it just makes me  happy to see it sparkling in the sunshine! Miss Carla is a Saint's Fan! 

or this... 

or how about one of Sam's uber cool paintings? The guys love these--they look great in
their mancaves-so if you need a guy gift, and that guy loves Da Saints--he would love one of these! 
Trust me--I know these things. Miss Sam also offers these in colors us girls like--like PINK!

She also has lots of pretties like this

and these...FABULOUS!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

News from the Flea Market...

Hello Everyone,
Miz Carla here with an update on the fleahouse for the month of August. Miz Tina has been busy setting up a new booth in our friend Arlene's new flea market "Treasure Hollow" (I'll post details of that grand opening at the end of this post), and rearranging, organizing and making space for me to have my very own booth! I'm so excited to be playing "flea market" with the other "fleas!"

In other news... We're *SO* ready for FALL!!! Wish it would hurry up. Here are the fall dates for our Junkin' on Main event...y'all plan to come down and see us!!

Oct 1 & 2
Nov. 5 & 6
Dec. 10 & 11 (11th is also Town Christmas Parade)!

If you need a rocking chair--this one is gorgeous!

Some of Miz Emily's pretties. She's got 40% off in her booth!

See that sold sign on the pretty old suitcase? Miz Tina bought it from one of her vendors! LOL

the following photos showcase some of the gorgeous red stuff around the flea market....

this photo shows something that always manages to catch my eye (and I cringe when one of my children goes anywhere near it)... it's a beautiful old buffet table covered in glass. The light from the cut crystal shaded lamps casts a lovely glow on the whole display. I'm thinking those lamps need to come live at my house.
as are the details on Treasure Hollow. The grand opening will be Saturday September 4th. The directions are... 5 miles west of Glenmora on Hwy. 113 Look for the BIG BLUE BUILDING. The hours are Wednesday-Saturday 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Touring the flea house--August edition.

Hi Everyone!
Miz Carla here blogging for Tina while she's busy spreading sunshine and joy all over our fair little town of Glenmora. Did you know people from Glenmora are called GlenMORONS? How do you like that? We're really nice people and someone somewhere should come up with something better to call us.  Anyhoo, until things slow down around here,  and I can get miz Burnaman into my blogging 101 class I'll just have to take up the slack a little bit and amuse you with pretty pics taken of the flea market during my visits.

But first..............

Let me share a couple of photos I took of Tina yesterday (she's going to kill me--because I had to pretty much "guilt" her into letting me snap them in the frst place). I thought her readers might like to know what she looks like... isn't she adorable? You gotta love that smile! The second picture is of Tina and another cutie patootie Miz Beverly. Speaking of love...I LOVE my new photoshop filter that I tried out on these photos--it gave everything a soft vintage feel. The shopping cart photo is my absolute fave.

The metal boxes in this photo are SO COOL!! If you make jewelry or have other little & pieces you need to store someplace for safe keeping these would be perfect!