Sunday, August 15, 2010

Touring the flea house--August edition.

Hi Everyone!
Miz Carla here blogging for Tina while she's busy spreading sunshine and joy all over our fair little town of Glenmora. Did you know people from Glenmora are called GlenMORONS? How do you like that? We're really nice people and someone somewhere should come up with something better to call us.  Anyhoo, until things slow down around here,  and I can get miz Burnaman into my blogging 101 class I'll just have to take up the slack a little bit and amuse you with pretty pics taken of the flea market during my visits.

But first..............

Let me share a couple of photos I took of Tina yesterday (she's going to kill me--because I had to pretty much "guilt" her into letting me snap them in the frst place). I thought her readers might like to know what she looks like... isn't she adorable? You gotta love that smile! The second picture is of Tina and another cutie patootie Miz Beverly. Speaking of love...I LOVE my new photoshop filter that I tried out on these photos--it gave everything a soft vintage feel. The shopping cart photo is my absolute fave.

The metal boxes in this photo are SO COOL!! If you make jewelry or have other little & pieces you need to store someplace for safe keeping these would be perfect!

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  1. :0)... Miz Carla is the best! She has her work cut out for her(and she knows this!) when we start the "Blog 101 Class"! I wish that everyone could have a sweet fran like I do in Miz Carla! P.S. The pics are so fabulous! Thank you again Mizzy!!!