Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last Weekend/ "Trade Days" Washington, LA

Hi Everyone!

Carla here once again blogging for the ever.so.fabulous (and super busy) Miz Tina. This past weekend the flea-market maven and her band of junkin' tent gypsies (myself included) took our little show on the road. We set up shop on the lawn of the gorgeous old schoolhouse in Washington. We had a blast playing fleamarket outside in the sunshine and would like to thank all of you who shopped with us or stopped by to visit with us. We truly enjoyed it and hope to see you back there in October!

The weather could not have been any more perfect (Thank you LORD)... There was lots of glorious sunshine that left us with pink noses and arms, but we weren't complaining... we're just happy that spring is here and we didn't go straight from winter to summer like we do so often here in the South.

Here are a few snapshots I took of Tina and Julia's booth.

Just about everything Tina took with her this weekend sold--so now she's gotta get busy and fill the shop back up with more gathered treasures.

This is our lovely friend Miz Pat. Pat makes gorgeous bows and these adorable dresses you see in the photo...she's a hoot and a total sweetheart.

Miz Julia has such a wonderful gift for putting things together. I love this vignette!

I watched JuJu put this display together in a matter of minutes--Tina told me this evening that a lady came by and purchased most of what you see in the photo, to duplicate the "look" at her house.

Some of Tina's lovely old doors and windows.

Picture frames and spindles--two of our favorite things!

Some of Tina's fun shabby chic signs.

My absolute favorite display--loving the purple and green with the white!

Since Julia and Tina were getting all the business... I decided to put one of my silver trays on Tina's old typewriter :D

Here is the lovely Julia... JuJu as Tina calls her. She's so much fun!

and last but certainly not least a pic of our gorgeous friend Debbie--isn't she adorable?
Our next stop will be the Heritage Festival @ the Long Leaf Museum on May 1st. We hope to see lots of you there!
Happy Junkin' to all!!


  1. I'm still giggling over how much of this stuff didn't make it back to the flea-market :D You and Julia sure sold a lot of stuff girl!

  2. oooppss the comment above was actually made by me while signed in as Tina LOL.