Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flea-Market REDO time

After a big sale like we had last weekend I like to change and rearrange all the "rooms" in the fleahouse. Now, when I bring in the new I'll already have a place for it. Here are a few shots of the new set ups.


  1. Everything looks so pretty!! Lovin that bedroom set-up!

  2. Love, love, love your junk. I'm a junkie too. LOL I don't dumpster dive, but my DH sure does. He even has a business card "Papi's Search & Rescue". It's amazing what people trash.

    Have a God Filled Day

  3. Tina everything in your Shop looks so inviting. So proud that things is working well for you and you enjoy making it happen.I'm so new about this blogging, in other words HHHelp...Ann