Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring has sprung in the fleamarket!

Hey Everyone
Miz Carla (Tina's friend and blog coach LOL) here. Miz Tina has been very busy lately and has neglected her blogging homework, so she's given me the go ahead to post some of the photos I snapped of her pretty vignettes in the fleamarket this afternoon.
Happy Spring to all!!!


  1. Thank you Miz Carla...U are the best!!! I love the new background and the pics are fabulous! I'm gonna work on a few more vignettes next week so u can come take some more great pictures!!! Love u!!!

  2. Nancy Gene ArmstrongMarch 28, 2010 at 4:42 PM

    You are in great hands .Miz Carla knows everyone.She is the best. Love the look of things. Good Luck

  3. awwww Nancy Gene you are too sweet, and say the nicest things (blushing).

    I'm so glad you are happy Tina--I have always loved what you do and am so happy the whole world has a chance to see it now.

    xoxs 2 u both


  4. Hi there!! New follower here! I can't imagine anything more fun than owning a flea maret!!! Don't you want to keep everything in there??? lol I love all of your photos...they make me want to dive right into them! I hope you come see me sometime, i make crystal and beaded jewelry.....!/pages/HoustonTx/BriCo-Jewelry-Designs/302425437435?ref=ts