Saturday, January 8, 2011

Starting off fresh in the New Year

You all would not believe how hard we've all been working in the flea market. There has been lots of purging, cleaning, and rearranging going on. We're all still dragging from Christmas, but happy to be welcoming in a brand new year full of wonderful changes and opportunities!

The biggest move was done by these two (Beverly & Reggie)
yesterday their new booth looked like this
and this morning it looked like this

can't resist sharing this photo with you
to know him is to love him  : ) LOL
winter whites
winter whites II

I suspect Heaven will have a nook just like this.

Tina has a designer's touch!
More junk artistry.
Tina's new room.
Beautiful Victorian furniture.
Meredith's gorgeous coasters.

Till next time...
xoxos from Tina and the fleas!

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