Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change is coming!

Happy New Year !

Change is coming and I think all our junkin' friends are going to be
as excited as we are!
6 years ago we closed our cafe that was connected to the flea house
and now we have leased out the building to Katie  Moreno Baker 
and her family who will be reopening the cafe at the end of this month!
This also means we have had to make some shifting changes in the flea as we had
some booths in part of the cafe dining rooms.  We been "working hard for our money"
the last few days and the effort is paying off big time!
Will be updating with some new pics as soon as Miz Carla brings her camera !

We will keep ya'll posted as to when the cafe will open and  everything is up and running!
 In His grip,

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  1. You go Tina. Gee Girl can't wait to see your doors open.... I feel like the longly maytag repairman. Heeee