Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hello Everyone!

Miz Carla here to update you all on the going-on at the flea house. I popped in this morning to see our lovely flea market maven and she was in fine form to say the least! She's still "buzzin" from the success of last weekend. She said she had a wonderful time and was thrilled too meet up with so many of her peeps in Washington. She pretty much sold every thing we had in the shop and had to go Junkin herself to fill up a few empty spots. As always she had lots of cute new displays there were lots of new things to see and you KNOW I took some photos to show you  (big grin!) I love showing this gal off---she's such a talented stylist!

Miz Tina is planning on having one more Junkin' on main event before the weather gets too hot. At this time it looks like it'll be the first weekend of May.

Also we have new vendors!! It's so exciting when new people move in!!

Have a Wonderful Sunday!


  1. It was great seeing you today Tina!! I have missed ya something fierce! Wish I could have stayed longer, but enjoyed our short visit immensely! The flea house looks awesome!

    love you!

  2. I love you too Miz Carla!!!! Thanks to you my sweet friend for all you do!!! I'll say it a the bestest!!!!