Sunday, February 27, 2011

Miz Tina has been busy. She's taken down walls, put walls back up in different places and moved about
a million pieces of furniture since last weekend (with Darling Mr Reggie's help of course.)

This is one of the new spaces (and one of my new favorites!)
Things were selling as quickly as we could snap pictures of it. We love it when that happens.

 This is just a different view of the same new space. White furniture lovin people
 come through the front door and head to your left!  

Sweet little niche.

Love the old book pages covering the walls.

Very cool vintage trunk.

Hope you enjoyed this little sneak peek--we'll post more soon. I took a gazillion
photos and don't want to cause your eyeballs to start spasming, so we'll save some for another day.

Miz Carla


  1. Tina sure did enjoy my most wanted visit and for the great tour of your Market . How I praise your great Talent that flows with someone whom puts their all in all into what they love to do. Now girlie get yourself across the street. HeHeee.... Thank you so much for great bargins on my selected Items. Love in Christ, Miss Ann

  2. Both of you girls have your places looking beautiful. I have the fun job of getting to show it off for ya :D

    lucky me!!!

  3. Yes you do Miz Carla and so honor for you to do this. I just don't have the nat with a camera and you always have the right words to say. Guess it for sure be nelected if it wasn't for you.